The Biggest Annual Event in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


Sustainability in The Downstream of Materials Resource Processing Industry

Indonesia possesses abundant mineral resources in the world. This industry is one of the significant sectors contributing to national income and economic growth. Therefore, the Indonesian government is committed to downstreaming in the mineral processing industry. Furthermore, minerals are finite and non-renewable natural resources, requiring optimal and sustainable management for the utmost welfare and prosperity of the people

Event's Timeline

Metallurgy and Materials Week 2023

Case Study Competition

July 24th - November 18th

A national-level competition to develop problem-solving skills among students and will collaborate with the MIND ID company. 
Theme: “Achieving the Sustainability of the Downstream Industry Through Innovation in Extractive Metallurgy”

Student Innovation Forum

July 24th - November 18th

A national-level forum, which is a platform for innovations in solving downstream industry problems, and participants will act as delegates. Theme: “Shaping Sustainability for Downstream Material Resources Processing Industry”

National Seminar

Saturday, 18th of November

An educational presentation by experts to raise participants’ awareness about the aspects that support sustainability in the downstream of mineral resources

MnMs’ Dialogue

Saturday, 18th of November

A panel discussion will discuss Indonesia’s readiness to face the downstream of mineral resources in terms of regulations, technology, and implementation in the industry.